Reco Biotechnology Cleans Dirt

Reco Biotechnology Cleans Dirt

Yes, you read that right; Reco Biotechnology takes your dirty dirt and cleans it up at our 165,000 square foot facility. While the concept of cleaning dirt may sound a bit strange, just think about dirt that’s been contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons such as gasoline, kerosene, or other fossil fuels. In technical terms, cleaning dirt is known as soil remediation.

Our Bioremediation Process Cleans Dirt

Soil Remediation - Reco BiotechnologySoil that has been in contact with petroleum hydrocarbons, even when it has been classified as non-hazardous, needs to be disposed of properly in order to maintain a clean and healthy environment. In the Richmond, VA area, there really is only one good option to deal with that contaminated soil, and that is to contact Reco Biotechnology.

Once the contaminated soil has been offloaded, we begin our specialized microbial bioremediation process using hydrocarbon appetite bacteria, building layers of soil and piping to allow our little critters to eat up all of the hydrocarbons in the soil. We provide the Bio-Pile with moisture and nutrients to keep those bacteria happy, and routinely monitor their progress. Once the soil has reached “clean fill” requirements based on the Virginia Solid Waste Management Regulations (VSWMR) section 8.7.D.6, the soil is then stockpiled and stored for eventual usage as construction area fill.

Where Does Contaminated Soil Come From?

Pulling Contaminated Soils - Reco BiotechnologyHydrocarbon-contaminated soil can come from many different arenas, including:

  • Construction and large scale excavations
  • AST spill residues
  • UST removals
  • Roadside spill cleanups
  • Restoration of commercial and industrial property
  • Residential fuel storage tank replacement
  • Maintenance and restoration of manufacturing facilities

If the material on your job site is contaminated with gasoline, kerosene, aviation fuel, fuel oil, or similar hydrocarbon, Reco Biotechnology should be your first call!

How to Start the Bioremediation Process

Contact Reco Biotechnology and you will be asked to produce a PROFILE (SDCS available on our website forms page) explaining what the contaminate hydrocarbon material is any analytical for review and how much volume there is. Once the profile and analytical has been reviewed and approved, Reco will send you a shipping manifest. We accept deliveries of contaminated soil at our facility between the hours of 7:30 and 4:30 Monday through Friday.

Once the load has been accepted, we will weigh the vehicle and direct it to the proper offload site. Upon offloading, the material will undergo a secondary visual inspection to ensure the soil meets acceptance parameters. These parameters include:

  • No free liquids in load
  • No containers, whether full or empty
  • No trash or putrescible waste (no organic matter, such as food waste, that may attract animals)
  • No unusual odors

At this point your empty vehicle will be weighed again, and the gross, net, and tare weights will be entered on the manifest. A copy of the completed manifest will be given to the deliverer, and another copy will be sent to the generator.

Help Us Keep Our World Clean

Contaminates in the soil have a tendency to get picked up and carried off by rainwater and drainage, and they eventually find their way into our water systems. Not only does this adversely affect our local ecosystem, it harms our own potable water supply.

At RECO Biotechnology, our goal is to provide a safe and environmentally friendly way to dispose of contaminated dirt, and at the same time find an economically viable method for reducing fuel waste. Join us in our mission to provide a cleaner world for all, and in the process avail yourself of the headache of dealing with your non-hazardous waste!

Virginia’s Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste Treatment & Disposal Experts

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Full Service Soil Remediation

We use bioremediation to successfully treat soil contaminated with a variety of petroleum fuels. Upon completion, soils are certified to below regulatory levels and can be re-used in construction and land restoration projects.

Vacuum Truck Pumping & Cleaning Services

Our hi-tech vacuum trucks are custom built and designed to meet the most challenging service needs. They easily handle removal and transport of liquids, sludge and a variety of fuels for recycling at our Richmond, VA facility.

Waste Water & Sludge Treatment

Our EPA certified Centralized Waste Treatment (CWT) facility in Richmond, VA can handle industrial waste water from manufacturing plants, chemical plants, power companies, military bases, food processors and others.

Waste & Fuel Drum Processing

Our drum processing unit handles a wide variety of containerized wastes and recyclable fuels, gasoline, and petroluem/water mixtures. Materials can be contained in drums, totes or other D.O.T containers for pickup or drop off at our Central VA facility.

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