Since 1993, we’ve served thousands of customers in Virginia helping their businesses meet regulatory requirements for petroleum contaminated soil remediation and re-use, treatment of wastewater, vacuum truck services, and production of Biodiesel fuel from recycled cooking oil.

The following are the primary industries we work with:

Environmental Consulting Companies

Petroleum Facilities

  • Gas stations
  • Truck stops
  • Airport fueling facilities
  • Industrial fuel storage facilities
  • School systems – bus garages
  • Fleet management fueling facilities

Industrial & Municipal

  • Power plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Manufacturing facilities – all types

Construction Equipment Suppliers

  • Wash bay pits

Power & Utility Companies

  • Non-PCB mineral oil and water mixture disposal

US Military Bases

  • Fort AP Hill
  • Fort Lee
  • Fort Belvoir
  • Warrenton Training Facility
  • Indian Head Naval Base

Food Processing Facilities

  • Poultry plants and farms
  • Beef packaging plants
  • Fish processing and packaging
  • Breweries (high BOD water)
  • Wineries
  • Cideries
  • Juice extraction and packing plants
  • Companies with grease traps and cookie grease/solids

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Virginia’s Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste Treatment & Disposal Experts

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Full Service Soil Remediation

We use bioremediation to successfully treat soil contaminated with a variety of petroleum fuels. Upon completion, soils are certified to below regulatory levels and can be re-used in construction and land restoration projects.

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Vacuum Truck Pumping & Cleaning Services

Our hi-tech vacuum trucks are custom built and designed to meet the most challenging service needs. They easily handle removal and transport of liquids, sludge and a variety of fuels for recycling at our Richmond, VA facility.

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Waste Water & Sludge Treatment

Our EPA certified Centralized Waste Treatment (CWT) facility in Richmond, VA can handle industrial waste water from manufacturing plants, chemical plants, power companies, military bases, food processors and others.

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Waste & Fuel Drum Processing

Our drum processing unit handles a wide variety of containerized wastes and recyclable fuels, gasoline, and petroluem/water mixtures. Materials can be contained in drums, totes or other D.O.T containers for pickup or drop off at our Central VA facility.

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