Sludge Pumping and Disposal

Reco Biotechnology provides comprehensive waste management and disposal services including sludge pumping and disposal.

Sludge Pumping and Disposal

Sludge is a semi-solid residual by-product of wastewater treatment. It is classified as either primary or secondary sludge. Primary sludge is the result of chemical precipitation and sedimentation, while secondary sludge results from biological treatments. Periodic extraction and disposal of sludge is required to keep equipment operating and to avoid potential health risks. The treatment and disposal process is determined mainly based on the volume of sludge

Reco Biotechnology vacuum trucks are custom designed and equipped to collect sludge. First water and oil are removed, and the sludge is prepared for collection into the vacuum truck. Then, at the Reco Biotechnology facility the sludge is safely converted into solids for proper disposal in a landfill.

Sludge Pumping and Disposal Services from Reco Biotechnology

Since 1998, Reco Biotechnology has assisted several industries and state and local municipalities in Central Virginia with services for pumping and disposal of sludge. We have certified and trained professionals who are proficient in handling non-hazardous waste collection and disposal. Our vacuum trucks are fitted with powerful pumps. The trucks have their own water reservoir for a pressure washer if needed. They are custom built to support retrieval and disposal of every kind of industrial waste.

Some locations of waste could be the following:

  • Process pits, sumps, drains, ditches and recovery pits and wells
  • Oil / Water Separator Cleanouts

Our Other Vacuum Truck Pumping & Disposal Services

For our Central Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina customers, we also provide the following services:

How to Use Our Pumping & Disposal Services

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Full Service Soil Remediation

We use bioremediation to successfully treat soil contaminated with a variety of petroleum fuels. Upon completion, soils are certified to below regulatory levels and can be re-used in construction and land restoration projects.

Vacuum Truck Pumping & Cleaning Services

Our hi-tech vacuum trucks are custom built and designed to meet the most challenging service needs. They easily handle removal and transport of liquids, sludge and a variety of fuels for recycling at our Richmond, VA facility.

Waste Water & Sludge Treatment

Our EPA certified Centralized Waste Treatment (CWT) facility in Richmond, VA can handle industrial waste water from manufacturing plants, chemical plants, power companies, military bases, food processors and others.

Waste & Fuel Drum Processing

Our drum processing unit handles a wide variety of containerized wastes and recyclable fuels, gasoline, and petroluem/water mixtures. Materials can be contained in drums, totes or other D.O.T containers for pickup or drop off at our Central VA facility.

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